After a long observation of the events that have taken place in recent months, we are back. Many of the recent events have been overwhelming for some, disappointing for others and of no importance to most. I am here to say most of it has been of no importance to me. My motivation and inner flame to continue the fight for liberty remains. The players always change, what stays is the game and the rules of that game are exactly what we, in the liberty movement, are trying to change. Therefore, we must move on and continue to fight for liberty and individual freedom for all. 

Now on to the most pressing issue, The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare or whatever you want to call it). It is just another government program attempting to solve a problem by enlisting the government's awesome bureaucrats and throwing the people's money at it, and we all know how that turns out for our country.  

Now look, Obama is not the root of the problem here, universal healthcare is a fundamental bedrock to the left and all they needed were the right circumstances to pass it. They finally had those circumstances during the first two years of the current administration. However, that was the first major problem with this act, the way it was passed. This act was not passed with the American people's voice behind it, instead it was told to us that it was what we needed. It was more or less shoved down our throats because it was good for us. Much like a mother, who concocts a homemade remedy to cure her child, shoves the homemade potion down his/her throat because it is good for him/her. By the way that will no longer  be needed once ACA goes in effect because that mother will most likely feel compelled to take her son/daughter to the doctor. After all she is paying to have insurance at a more than likely higher premium in order to ensure she does not face the "tax" penalty.

I believe while the ACA may be beneficial to some it will always be at a cost to most. The ACA that was upheld by the Supreme Court June 28, 2012 is almost an exclusive benefit to pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and the federal government. Let us get this straight the majority of health ailments that plague our country are those that could be prevented or cured by our own improvements in health. Either by  eating healthier, exercise, or being actively involved in caring for our body. Is this mandatory? Of course not. Will you have to pay a penalty tax if you don't take care of yourself? Never. Well I shouldn't say never. Currently, there is no mandate that says you must be healthy, everyone is entitled to make whatever decision they choose,and also must accept the consequences or benefits of those decisions.

Unfortunately, there is a horrible disease that many in society have, they believe it is the government's role to provide for the public. This has sadly never been the most efficient or effective way to accomplish any task. Again, some may benefit from the ACA, but it also may raise prices for healthcare across the board, as it already has. How is it possible to mandate that children must be covered until the age 26 or that an insurance company can disregard pre-existing conditions, without passing that cost on to others somehow.  Not to mention, that we are no longer shopping around to pay for an insurance policy, doctor, and hospital, but now we are mandated to pay for an insurance policy (at a higher premium), doctor, hospital, and now government bureaucracy. There will be rationing. Bureaucrats, not doctors, patients or family members will be the ones who ultimately make the decisions on who will receive life-saving treatments and procedures once in a state of rationing.

While the ACA may be helpful to some just remember how social security started out. So, when 2014 arrives make sure that you have health insurance or risk the penalty of a fine or "tax". Let's just hope the premiums and co-pays are low enough to actually make paying them more logical than paying the tax. In which case that tax will be paid to the government, who will then use that money to pay for those who can't afford healthc.....you know what I will just stop there.

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