Yesterday evening we listened in on a conference call hosted by Evan Cutler of Alaskans for Ron Paul:

This conference call is the first of two calls with the second planned for sometime on Thursday, 06 September.

During this call Mr. Cutler described a phone call he made to Dr. Paul on 02 September 2012 to urge Dr. Paul to reenter the Presidential Race as a VP candidate for the Libertarian Party. Mr. Cutler claims that he has spoken to "insiders" within the Libertarian Party that are interested in Dr. Paul joining to ticket.

My personal thoughts are that the above suggestion is a bad idea.

1. Is our long term plan as a movement to move the Republican Party along or will we allow ourselves to be completely marginalized?
2. Any liberty candidate that has ever been associated with Dr. Paul will feel repercussions from this at all levels, because a Romney loss will be blamed on Dr. Paul.
3. Gary Johnson as President and Dr. Paul as VP - Does anyone else feel a little uncomfortable with that? I'm sure GJ is a great guy but his debate mannerisms were off and his presentation was poor. He did not even register in the primaries or caucuses. He simply does not inspire. No ticket since Romney/Ryan has relied so heavily on the VP. I do not see this working out favorably.
4. Pro-Choice: Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party are Pro-Choice. Just like Pro-Life does for the lefties this is a position that is going to polarize the electorate. From his campaign website: "Life is precious and must be protected. A woman should be allowed to make her own decisions during pregnancy until the point of viability of a fetus." Well, we just lost a lot of potential voters. There are an astounding number of one issue voters and for a lot of people this is that issue. Dr. Paul has said in the past that he is "right to life." I'm not real sure what that means, but it is political gold.
5. A lot of people believe that Dr. Paul's We Are The Future Rally in Tampa was the torch passing to us, the supporters. (See Israel Anderson of Ron Paul Flix attempt to temper enthusiasm.)

I applaud everyone for trying to hold on to the dream, but this is a classic case of fear of the unknown. It is time for us to pick up the flag and continue the charge up the hill.

There are a lot of exciting things going on. Nothing is going to change overnight. I think we need another 4-5 years of hard work before we start to see real change.

Just watch State Sen Tom Davis of SC speak at Ron Paul's Rally. This guy is the real deal. He will be the one to kick that worthless warmongering big government scumbag Lindsey Graham out of office. We need to get behind this guy just like we did with Rand Paul and encourage him to run. A DeMint/Davis 1-2 punch out of South Carolina would be awesome.

Justin Amash, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul are gentlemen we should be proud to support. Follow these men on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to follow your own representatives on Facebook and Twitter. Call them out, challenge them when they vote against the Constitution. Relentless constant pressure will win the day.

This revolution can grow, we just need to keep our eyes on the prize. New people join everyday because they see how you act, they feel your passion, and they hear the message articulated in your voice. Dr. Paul is our champion, unfortunately he is no longer our leader (Thanks to the book: The Starfish and The Spider). He left a legacy and a blueprint in his various writings.

Stop the infighting. Stop the blame game. Get off your ass. Find liberty candidates in your area that are running for local and state elections and support them. If you can't find a candidate in your area you better step up and find a position to run for.

We can rebuild this, better than before.

For Liberty,



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